One Scanner

All-in-one essencial mobile office workspace to digitalize and print your documents, contracts, invoices, bills, photos, paper notes, receipts, book page, etc. Bulk scan multipage documents, import or export from/to cloud drives, email or share.

* SCAN document immediately or choose one from Camera Roll. Auto-detect scan edges. Bulk scan mode support!
* IMPORT scans and photos from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, emailed files, computer via WiFi, clipboard or webpages
* FINE scan edge-detect technology for bad or uneven lighting, or even pencil writings
* PRINT entire document or selected pages only via AirPrint
* MAKE .pdf with advanced settings: change page format, orientation, place multiple scans to one page
* EDIT scans: correct edges and perspective, apply filters, adjust contrast, rotate
* MANAGE scans: add new pages to scanned document from other scans or sources easily. Delete, re-order pages.
* SYNCHRONIZE your scans with cloud drives (Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive) and access them on all your devices
* EXPORT entire scanned document or separate scan pages via WiFi with you PC/MAC, email or share it to social media (bulk scans export mode support)

Fine scan edge detection algorithm, advanced scan editing and printer functions, extended export, sync and sharing option, make One Scanner an essencial pocket toolset for studying, mobile office work or home finances.

Thank you for the high ratings and positive reviews. We appreciate your feedback and are constantly working on making the app better.

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